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Contract Administration Services

04 April 2019

In this article, we look at contract administration services and how to ensure you maintain control over your projects’ finances and timeframe.

Contract Administration Services Explained

If you have a set budget and timeframe in which to complete planned alteration, extension and / or general refurbishment works to your home and are concerned with possible escalating costs and time overruns you should be looking to engage the services of a professional Contract Administrator (CA). As standard within the CA service, detailed Materials and Workmanship Specification, Schedule of Works and Contract Preliminaries documents will be prepared and sent through to suitably skilled contractors for competitive pricing (tendering). Following receipt of the returned tenders, each submission will be scrutinised to identify any anomalies, high prices, etc. and the relevant contractor offered the opportunity to correct and / or adjust their estimates accordingly. This ensures the estimates are at their most competitive at the point of an instruction being confirmed, potentially saving our clients many thousands of pounds. The successful contractor will be appointed on the client’s behalf under a JCT Building Contract.

Once on site, the CA will only approve payments to the contractor for work properly completed, meaning the client will never expose themselves to the financial risk of forward funding a project, which can prove disastrous if a contractor were to go out of business, or pull off site due to a dispute. The CA will also govern the project timeframe, where an overall programme will be agreed from the outset and only extended by way of issuing a formal Extension of Time Certificate as a result of genuine and agreed variations to the scope or ‘special perils’ as defined within the JCT Contract. Financial penalties for late completion will be levied on a contractor who fails to complete a project within the agreed timeframe.

If you have a building project on the horizon and want to retain control over the budget and timeframe then please contact one of our team.

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