3D Virtual Imaging Matterport Pro Camera

Through the use of our cutting edge Matterport Pro Camera, TCL can provide you with a 3D representation showcase of a property, whether you are a prospective purchaser, existing owner, building manager or tenant.

We can create digital replicas of real world spaces enabling us to provide you with an immersive virtual experience that will create the feeling that you are really there.

Whilst immersed within a virtual tour of the property we will be able to clearly identify and describe defects or key building features for your greater understanding, rather than relying on a written description, which can be confusing and very easy to misinterpret.

3D visual tours use

The 3D visual tours can be used in conjunction with all types of survey reports, including;

How The Images Are Used

As the scanned 3D images recorded by the Matterport Pro Camera are guaranteed to be within a few millimeters of actual size, we can utilise the software to prepare detailed measurements of a property in order to assist in calculating floor areas, material take offs and undertaking re-building cost assessment valuations for the purpose of obtaining or updating building insurance cover. The software we use can also generate scaled floor plans of a property using the 3D imagery at a fraction of the cost of traditional measured survey services. These can then form the basis of any planning or construction drawings you intend on preparing.