Defect Diagnosis

If you notice a defect in your property, TCL Chartered Surveyors is perfectly qualified to assist. Whether the problem is due to a fault in construction, a failure in the building’s materials, or a design flaw, our user-friendly Defect Diagnosis Reports will identify the problem, and advise you on an appropriate course of action.

Our Services

If your concern relates to roofing problems, damp, or structural issues for example, TCL can expertly carry out a number of services, in order to diagnose the issue:

  • The team will carry out an initial thorough inspection of the defect in question.
  • We’ll produce a comprehensive report with photographic support, detailing the necessary remedial works.
  • We will provide indicative budgets for the restoration works if required.
  • We can obtain competitive tenders, as well as manage the remedial works. (See Project Management.)

Defect Diagnosis Reports

Our reports offer clients a holistic and user-friendly analysis of the defects of their building. When you choose TCL, you’ll be provided with:

  • A thorough commentary on the construction of your property.
  • Identification of reported defects.
  • An explanation of the expected causes.
  • Recommendations for necessary remedial actions

The average household will generate approximately 12 litres of atmospheric moisture every day. This will therefore lead to condensation related damp issues in properties with inadequate natural or mechanical ventilation, insufficient thermal insulation and/or a lack of sufficient background