Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Whether you’re the owner of a single building, part of a residents’ association, or own a large property portfolio, TCL Chartered Surveyors can be appointed for a number of helpful Planned Preventative Maintenance services.

Our user-friendly and comprehensive PPM schedules allow clients and property managers alike to effectively plan and budget for a building’s necessary maintenance, over any given period.

Our PPM Schedules

There are a number of features that make TCL’s PPM schedules an invaluable investment. For example, our schedules:

  • Minimise costs by enabling you to draft budget forecasts for the coming years.
  • Are priced using rates from the most up-to-date industry standard publications, such as BCIS.
  • Are essential for effective maintenance prioritisation.
  • Enable you to pre-empt future works, rather than having to deal with a building’s upkeep on a reactive basis.

Appointing TCL’s chartered surveyors to produce a detailed PPM report can generate substantial cost savings in avoiding unnecessary and expensive reactive repairs/maintenance work.