Contract Administration Surveyors

At TCL Chartered Surveyors, our contract administration surveyors work to make the contract administration process for our clients as helpful as possible. Whilst always ensuring that a project is delivered in accordance with the contract specification, we’re also attentive to our clients’ individual requirements.

Specialist Advice Given

Offering you our professional advice, we help you to select the most appropriate building contract for your project. Specialising in all forms of JCT Building Contracts, we thoroughly consider such factors as the project’s size, time constraints and flexibility over design. This means that we can select the most suitable of building contracts, in which our clients have total confidence.

Financial Aspects Covered

As Contract Administrator, we also ensure that interim payments, made by our client to the contractor, never amount to more than the value of the work completed, and the materials suitably stored on site.

Unforeseen Issues Rectified

Unforeseen issues arise in all types of construction projects. But by selecting the appropriate form of contract and appointing TCL as the Contract Administrator, such issues are dealt with swiftly, with minimum impact to the budget and quality of work.

TCL will continue to manage a defect rectification period (typically 3 or 6 months) following completion of a project. During which, a retention sum (typically 2.5% of the contract value) can be used to address subsequent issues.