Commercial Building Surveyors

TCL offer expert advice to clients looking to purchase either leasehold or freehold interests in any form of commercial property. Purchasing a property is a huge and possibly the largest financial commitment that a business will make.

What’s Assessed

Our team of highly skilled, expert surveyors will inspect the property and assess the overall condition of the various building elements, whilst describing the construction methods utilised, covering all the exterior and interior aspects.

On leasehold premises we provide a review of the relevant clauses that should be considered and understood before committing to the acquisition.

For Landlords’ acquiring freehold property, we will review and provide comment of the pertinent details of all separate leasehold units that are situated within the building.

What You’ll Discover

This enables us to provide our clients with a detailed and comprehensive bespoke report of the property being acquired and offering a thorough understanding of the condition the property, any repairs or concerns that a business may need to budget for now or within the future.

The Outcome

Acquiring this level of understanding and knowledge prior to making final commitment to property acquisition can often provide a bargaining strategy to renegotiate the agreed offer price, on the basis it was made ‘subject to survey’. – This can in turn lead on to substantial savings, either through a reduced purchase price or agreement for a rent free period, for example.

Due to the extensive detail provided within our building survey reports, TCL’s surveyors typically spend a minimum of four and a half hours on site when surveying an average sized property.