Party Wall Surveyors

In instances of construction work taking place on, or adjacent to, a party wall, TCL’s Party Wall Surveyors can be appointed to impartially administer the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Either the building owner or the adjoining owner can enlist TCL’s services, and, if both parties approve, we can even act as Agreed Surveyor to administer the act for both parties, which can potentially reduce costs.

Our Services

TCL is qualified to carry out a number of surveying services in relation to Party Wall. We ensure that both the interests of the building owner, and the adjoining owner, are sufficiently protected. We can assist with:

  • Serving of Notices.
  • Preparation of Awards and Schedules of Condition.
  • Negotiation and Publication of Awards.

Party Structure Notices must be served a minimum of 2 months before work can commence where Adjacent Excavation and Line of Junction Notices need serving 1 month prior to work commencing.