Rebuilding Cost Assessments

At TCL Chartered Surveyors, we know how important it is to ensure that a building, or entire property portfolio, is appropriately insured. In order to do this, you’ll require periodic building inspections and Rebuilding Cost Assessments (often referred to as Fire Insurance Valuations) from a qualified surveyor.

At TCL, we offer both our residential and commercial clients Rebuild Cost Assessments, which could ultimately protect you against a financial loss, in the event of an insurance claim.

Our Services

TCL’s Rebuilding Cost Assessment Reports are tailored to suit each building or property block perfectly.

Including a commentary on the specific construction methods used, we instil confidence in clients, managing agents and insurance brokers, by demonstrating that a property has been professionally and comprehensively assessed.

Our services include:

  • Inspecting the building or property block.
  • Assessing age and construction methods used together with any site restrictions.
  • Carrying out detailed measurements.
  • Determining special architectural and planning requirements.
  • Calculating rebuilding costs, including demolition and professional fees, using RICS pricing publications.

And, in the event of partial or total loss, TCL can assist with the Reinstatement Works. (See Project Management/Contract Administration.)

The extent of our valuation can be adjusted to allow for only a proportion of less vulnerable elements of the building, such as; car parking areas, hardstandings and general landscaping.