Schedule of Condition

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, if you require a comprehensive overview of a property’s condition, TCL Chartered Surveyors’ Schedule of Condition are an essential investment.

Limited Repair Liability

We strongly recommend that the parties entering into a lease protect themselves from unnecessary repairing obligations with a Schedule of Condition.

Providing both written and photographic support, our Schedules of Condition offer an easy-to-read statement of fact. Thus upon expiration of a lease term or completion of renovation work, the likelihood of a discrepancy regarding a building’s condition is significantly reduced.

Indeed, our Schedule of Condition even form part of Party Wall Awards, so that a property can be effectively inspected following the completion of notifiable work. (See Party Wall.)

Where a schedule of condition is prepared prior to taking occupation of leasehold premises, the document should be signed by both the Landlord and Tenant before being appended to the lease.